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Being comfortable recreating your multisig wallet into another co-ordinator software might come in very useful in the future if your current one disappears. It is also a good way to prove that Specter is working as intended! Sparrow Wallet is easily one of the best and most detailed desktop wallets available. You can read an in-depth article to learn more here.

Sparrow Wallet

Download, verify and install Sparrow wallet onto your computer.

Follow the quickstart guide to connect Sparrow to your own node. This can be done directly to Bitcoin Core or to an Electrum Server if you have one running.

Press File > New Wallet then give your multisig wallet a name.

Select Multi Signature and leave the cosigners to the default 2-of-3.

Let’s import signer number 1 (Coldcard). Press Airgapped Hardware Wallet then Import File for the Coldcard Multisig option.

Insert your Coldcard micro SD card and select the .json file you exported when completing the initial setup in Specter.

Select Keystore 2 > Air Gapped Hardware Wallet then Scan for the Cobo Vault Multisig option. This will open your computers camera.

On your Cobo vault, open your multisig wallet, tap the three dots in the top right corner then Show/Export XPUB. This will bring up a QR on screen, hold the Cobo Vault up to your computers camera so that Sparrow can read the displayed QR code.

The following steps are a temporary measure until Sparrow supports QR code imports for Seed Signer in the same way that Specter does

Select Keystore 3 > Watch only wallet. Give the signer a name and then copy the following information from your Specter backup PDF.

  • Master fingerprint
  • Derivation path
  • Master public key

Enter into Sparrow and press Apply. You will then be ased if you want to add a password to for accessing this wallet within Sparrow.

You have now rebuilt your multisig wallet in Sparrow. Click transactions and you should see the receive and send we did earlier.

Finally, check that your next receive address in Sparrow, matches the one displayed in Specter. If it does you can be certain that Specter is acting as expected and that you have successfully recovered your wallet into Sparrow.

If you have got this far, well done and thank you for reading!