A collection of Bitcoin resources by BitcoinQnA


Just your average Joe with a 9-5 job and a passion for learning about Bitcoin. As my knowledge improves I try to give back through education. I am not a programmer or developer, nor do I have any prior technical experience. I have been fortunate enough to speak regularly with some smart and generous people who help me understand these complex topics, which I then try to present in an approachable way for others to learn.

This page is a single collection of my contributions that I can point people towards when starting out. If you find it valuable, please share it with your peers.

Main Resources

Resource Description
Articles Collection of articles relating to wallets, nodes and purchasing bitcoin
BitcoinQnA Simple Q+A to get started with Bitcoin basics
Bitcoiner Chat Free Nostr NIP-05 identifiers
Bitcoin Privacy Guide Guide to help Bitcoiners become more privacy focused
Bitcoin Graphics Graphical Bitcoin Explainers
Bitcoin Monthly A monthly podcast covering the latest Bitcoin news and developements
Bitcoin Multisig Guide A guide for intermediate/advanced bitcoiners wanting to try multisig
Bitcoin Node Guide Guide to help Bitcoiners explore the different node options
Bitcoin Seed Tool A tool for Bitcoiners to learn and experiment with seed creation
Bitcoin Wallet Guide Guide to help Bitcoiners explore the different wallet options
Bitcoin Whitepaper A copy of the Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto
Bitcoin Backup Printable bitcoin seed recovery sheets
Lightning Network Guide A basic introduction to the Lightning Network
Lightning Address Server Get a free non-custodial Lightning Address
no-KYC only Explainer on the risks of purchasing bitcoin via KYC routes
Sovereignty Toolkit A list of tools to regain your sovereignty
Verify.Supply Simple guide to help Bitcoiners audit the current supply of bitcoin
Whirlpool Fee Calculator Tool to help Whirlpool users calculate their fees prior to mixing
Github Used for the creation of this site


Resource Description
1-to-1 Support Calls Support calls for beginners wanting to learn how to interact with Bitcoin

Other Resources

Resource Description
Once BITten Podcast appearance covering the beginners guide to Bitcoin
Bit-Buy-Bit #1 Podcast appearance covering the basics of Bitcoin wallets
Bit-Buy-Bit #2 Podcast appearance covering the basics of Bitcoin nodes
Bit-Buy-Bit #3 Podcast appearance covering the basics of the Lightning Network
Bit-Buy-Bit #4 Podcast appearance covering the basics of Coinjoin + Samourai Wallet
Satoshi en Venezuela Podcast appearance covering privacy, Bitcoin myths and common mistakes
Citadel Dispatch Ep.2 Podcast appearance covering privacy, noKYC and nodes
Citadel Dispatch Ep.43 Podcast appearance covering Bitcoin basics
Down the Rabbit Hole Podcast appearance covering education, privacy, nodes + wallets
Bitcoin Enemies Podcast appearance covering Samourai Wallet privacy tools
Bitcoin Basics Podcast appearance covering Bitcoin privacy basics
Opt Out Podcast appearance covering general privacy tools + techniques
Blue Collar Bitcoin Podcast appearance covering cold storage tips


Feel free to reach out about anything, I am by no means an expert but I will always support those who are keen to learn.


If you have found my contributions valuable, sats are gratefully received.