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Our mission is simple, to give you short and easy to digest answers to your most frequently asked Bitcoin questions. If you cant find your answer, be sure to get in touch. There is a lot of info about Bitcoin out there and it’s easy to get bogged down in the thick of it all and become confused. To combat this we keep our answers short and to the point. We suggest that you start at the top of the page and work your way through the sections one at a time.

As with all things tech related, things move quickly but we will endeavour to keep the information here current. With that said, we are human so if you see anything that’s incorrect, please reach out to us. ​

Topic Description
Common questions Answers to your most common Bitcoin questions
Common mistakes We spell out the most common pitfalls to help you avoid them
Wallets What are wallets? What are they for? What are the different types?
Nodes What is a node? Why run one? What are the different types?
Lightning Your common Lightning Network questions answered
Coinjoin Your common Coinjoin questions answered
Myths Common Bitcoin myths, debunked
Glossary Bitcoin jargon, made simple
Education A selection of resources to expand your knowledge
Recommendations Our favourite Bitcoin tools
Graphics Simple graphical explainers

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