What is Bitcoin?

BitcoinQnA - Super simple questions and answers to help you wrap your head around Bitcoin’s most basic concepts.

Which wallet do I use?

Bitcoin Wallet Guide - A run down of the different types of Bitcoin wallets and their use cases.

Don’t lose your Bitcoin!

10 Ways to lose your Bitcoin - Tips for newcomers to avoid losing their hard earned Sats.

Listen to this podcast

Citadel Dispatch Ep.43 - Here I spend over 2 hours walking through practical tips for Bitcoin beginners.

Citadel Dispatch

Understand the risks of KYC

noKYC only - When purchasing Bitcoin from a regulated exchange, you’re required to hand over lots of personal information which is not always well cared for. Don’t put yourself at risk without understanding the trade-offs.

If you’d like to see how easy it can be to purchase Bitcoin via a noKYC method, check out my two articles about Bisq and HodlHodl. More coming soon thanks to the release of Robosats and Peach.

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