This page is a collection of the tools I use to remain as in control of my data as my techincal skills allow. This list will evolve over time as new tools become available and/or my personal requirements change. Just like Bitcoin, the overwhelming majority of these tools are Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). If you use any of these tools, please consider contributing back to those FOSS teams in any way you can. Here are some ideas on how you can do that :-

  • Using the product and providing feedback
  • Testing beta releases
  • Paying for ‘premuim’ options
  • Telling others about the tool
  • Providing education or guides
  • Being a part of the community

The best time to start regaining your sovereignty is today. Don’t get overwhelmed, just start taking small steps!


Sub Category Name Description
Mobile Wallet Samourai Privacy focused mobile wallet
Lightning Wallet Zeus Lightning app to spend/receive via Raspiblitz
Desktop Wallet Sparrow Desktop app for managing cold storage
Watch-Only Wallet Sentinel Mobile watch-only wallet backed by RoninDojo
Node RoninDojo Node implementation with a focus on Samourai Wallet
Lightning Node RaspiBlitz Node implementation with a focus on Lightning
Exchange Bisq Purchase bitcoin peer to peer
Exchange Hodl Hodl Purchase bitcoin peer to peer (centralised coordinator)
Coinjoin Whirlpool The Samourai Wallet coinjoin implementation
Cold Storage Passport Air gapped devices for offline private key management
Seed backup Ronin Steel Durable seed backup storage
Payment Processor BTCPay Server Receiving payment + donations via on-chain and Lightning


Sub Category Name Description
Computer Star Labs Starbook Open source Linux based laptop
Operating System Pop! OS Open source Linux distribution
Browser Firefox Browser with a focus on privacy
File Sync Nextcloud File storage and sync across all devices
Local file management Libre Office Office suite (Word, Spreadsheet etc)
Notes Standard Notes Cross device encrypted notes
Website Production Jekyll Static page website generator
Collaborative Docs HedgeDoc Markdown based document editor
Video Editing Kden Live Free video editing software
Hosting Tools Yunohost Self hosting app platform and store
Multi-tasking Ferdi Single app for managined multiple services


Sub Category Name Description
Email Tutanota Email client with a focus on privacy
Email Proton Mail Email client with a focus on privacy
Messenger Threema End-to-end encrypted messenger
Group Chat Matrix Federated chat room protocol
Group Chat Telegram Cross device messenger
Social Mastodon Federated social media platform
Video Calls Jitsi Encrypted video conferencing


Sub Category Name Description
Phone Pixel 5 Android based phone with Titan M secure chip
Operating System CalyxOS De-googled Android alternative
App Store F-Droid Collection of FOSS applications
App Store Aurora Google Play store mirror
Browser Bromite Browser with a focus on privacy
Calendar + Contacts DAVx5 Cross device calendar and contact sharing
Video New Pipe Privacy focused YouTube front end
File Manager Material Files Open source file manager
PGP Open KeyChain PGP key manager and encryption tool
Image Privacy Scrambled Exif Removes metadata from images
Podcasts AntennaPod Podcast + RSS tool
Matrix Client Element Matrix protocol client
PDF Viewer MuPDF PDF and E-Book viewer
Tracking Link Breaker Untrack Me Transforms Twitter/YouTube links to their FOSS alternative
Mobile Terminal Termux Terminal emulator
Hash Checker Hash Easily Calculate hashes of files or text


Sub Category Name Description
2 Factor Authentication andOTP Time-based One-time Passwords (TOTP)
Password Manager Bitwarden Cross device password generation and storage


Sub Category Name Description
VPN Mullvad VPN payable in bitcoin and requiring no personal info
Web Broswer Tor Browser for accessing onion links


If you would like any help on using or understanding any of these tools, feel free to book yourself onto a 1-on-1 support call.