Seed Tool


This page offers a space for bitcoiners to experiment and learn how bitcoin wallets are generated using different sources of entropy (randomness). The page also offers many other seed related functionalites, some of which are outlined below. Just like the tools and libraries used in its creation, this tool is also completely free and open source. If you find this page useful, consider donating some sats to the lead developer SuperPhatArrow.


NEVER use the online version of this tool to create or interact with seeds used to manage real bitcoin. While there is nothing in this tool that collects private information or sends it anywhere, there may be other software on your device that does. If the tool detects a network connection, it will display a network symbol in the top corner of the screen. To use this tool offline, use the link below to download the page HTML file and open in any web browser on an offline device or an amnesic operating system like Tails.


Some common use cases for this tool include:-

  • Learning how entropy is used to derive wallet components
  • Generating seeds via dice rolls, coin flips or playing cards
  • Verifying entropy inputs (dice rolls etc) applied to external wallets or signers
  • Generating BIP85 child seeds (or check those generated by a signing device)
  • Generating BIP47 payment codes and their corresponding PayNym avatars
  • Generating BIP47 addresses between any two payment codes
  • Verifying wallet address generation from a given seed/passphrase combination
  • Testing for a forgotten/incorrect passphrase (if you know a receive address)

  • 🤖 Generate a cryptographically strong random mnemonic
  • 📥 Enter your own (previously generated) mnemonic
  • 🎲 Enter in your own entropy

Generate a Cryptographically Random Mnemonic of words.

Warning! Do not try to make up your own mnemonic, you are not as random as you think!

NOTE: You can enter your BIP39 Passphrase below.

Warning! Entropy is an advanced feature. Your mnemonic may be insecure if this feature is used incorrectly.

Click on the orange button above to learn more.

BIP39: Mnemonic code for generating deterministic keys

No passphrase entered!

BIP32: Hierarchical Deterministic 'Legacy' Wallets

BIP86: Key Derivation for Single Key P2TR Outputs

Note these addresses are derived from the BIP32 Extended Key

Display addresses from index to index

My Details

Counterparty Details

Loaded Seed Master Extended Public Keys

Input Cosigners and Threshold

Address Type
Display addresses from index

Warning! This is an advanced feature and should only be used if you understand what it does. Click on the button above to learn more.