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A selection of the best Bitcoin projects


Find many more node options here.

Name Description
Bitcoin Core The original Bitcoin node software
myNode Offers both plug and play or build your own. Packed with features
Nodl Hi spec plug + play node
RoninDojo DIY node focused on the Samourai wallet ecosystem
RaspiBlitz DIY node with a focus on Lightning
Umbrel DIY node focused toward beginners


Find many more wallet options here.

Name Description
Blue Wallet Feature packed mobile wallet with a simple UI (Android + iOS)
Bitcoin Core The original Bitcoin node software, comes with a built in desktop wallet
Breez The easiest way to onboard into Lightning
Passport The best balance of quality, usability and security
Samourai Wallet The best privacy focused mobile wallet on the market (Android only)
Sparrow Wallet Feature rich desktop wallet with built in coinjoin

Buy Bitcoin

KYC services offer the easiest way to buy Bitcoin, but you should understand the risks in doing so first.

Name Description
Hodl Hodl Global peer to peer trading platform (noKYC)
Bisq Global peer to peer trading platform (noKYC)
Cash App Mobile app that makes it easy to buy bitcoin (US only + requires KYC)
Swan Bitcoin Offers recurring buys. US only. (US only + requires KYC)
Coin Floor Offers recurring buys (UK/EU + requires KYC)

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