We won’t beat around the bush. Bitcoin privacy is not easy, especially for newcomers. There are many pitfalls in which you can trip yourself up. This site is designed to walk you through the basic steps to gain a good level of privacy when interacting with the Bitcoin network. These steps are written in a deliberate order to ensure that those starting from absolute zero give themselves the greatest privacy opportunity from day 1. If you are already a bitcoiner, but after reading this feel that you have missed or done something wrong, fear not, the best time to start taking steps to improve your privacy is now.

Bitcoin privacy is a spectrum that is constantly shifting with different protocol changes, wallet or node features, and regulatory frameworks. However, there are some core principles that are likely to remain unchanged for the foreseeable future and we aim to walk you through those here. Please do not feel the need to implement all of these from day 1. Think of this site as your Bitcoin privacy toolbox, work on adding to it slowly over time as you gain understanding.

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

  1. Sourcing your Bitcoin
  2. Securing your Bitcoin
  3. Segregating your Bitcoin
  4. Scrutinising your Bitcoin transactions
  5. Separating your Bitcoin from its past
  6. Safeguarding your Bitcoin
  7. Spending your Bitcoin
  8. Supplementary tools