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Creating a buy offer on Hodl Hodl

Since the launch of, there has been quite a lot of chatter about the premiums that can be seen on peer to peer exchanges such as Hodl Hodl and Bisq. Whilst I completely agree that you can find people asking for some quite staggering premiums over the current spot price, that does not mean that anyone has to accept them. Hence why I have put together this article. You can easily create your own buy offer, on your own terms, and wait for someone who wants to sell to take you up on it. From experience, I have never waited more than 24 hours for someone to accept my offer of on average a 2-4% increase over the current market price.

So how do I create a buy offer on Hodl Hodl?

1. If you haven’t done so already, create your Hodl Hodl account and log in. All you need is an email and a password, no personal identification.

2. Navigate to your dashboard and click settings. Here you can populate the address from the wallet in which you want your purchased bitcoin to be sent to. You should change this with every trade, address reuse is terrible for your privacy.

3. Click on My offers in the header bar, then click create now.

4. From here you can now create the trade offer and set your terms. You can adjust any of the following…

5. Once you are happy with the offer conditions you have set, tick the enable box then hit save.

6. Congratulations, your offer is now live but you can edit or disable it any time you like. It is also worth noting that there is no need to recreate the offer for every trade you make, simply update your terms (if required) and enable it when you are ready to make another purchase.

Some final tips

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no-KYC only. Avoid the creep.

Disclaimer - All views expressed in this article are my own and not those of the Hodl Hodl team. I am not affiliated with Hodl Hodl in any way.

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