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Welcome to Bitcoin Monthly, a no frills index of the main news and developments from the last month in Bitcoin.

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September 2021 Edition

Once recorded, the podcast on Bit Buy Bit covering September’s topics will be here.


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Bisq v1.7.4 Tor v3 addresses and new payment methods. Update ASAP

This release enables you to connect to a Bitcoin Core node with a Tor v3 address.

Tor v2 addresses will not be supported after October 15th, so please update your Bitcoin and Bisq nodes ASAP.

This version also introduces three new payment methods: SWIFT, Paysera, and Paxum. As always, there are many additional bug fixes and minor improvements across the board as well.
BitBox02 Firmware v9.7.0 Display error codes and Remove RandomNumber API endpoint
Bitcoin Core 22.0 new features, bug fixes, performance improvements & updated translations

Notable changes:
P2P and network changes
I2P support
Ignore Tor V2 addresses for Tor V3 addresses
Added NAT-PMP port mapping support
New and Updated RPCs«br>Release binaries produced using guix-based build system
External signers such as hardware wallets can now be used through the new RPC methods enumeratesigners and displayaddress.
Blockstream Green v3.7.2 New UI and SPV for singlesig

Add SPV support to singlesig wallets in app settings
Support host unblinding for Blockstream Jade version 0.1.27 and higher
Revamp Wallet view with new UI
Minor improvements to the Wallet Settings UI and PIN view
Update and support GDK version 0.0.45
Limit number of words in wallet restore to 27
Fix crash reported on Play Store
Fix bugs in hardware wallets support
Blockstream Green Desktop v1.0.0 A new release of the Blockstream Green desktop app!

Replaces the GreenAddress app. The feature set has not been completely ported to the new app; subsequent releases are going to incrementally complete porting to the new app (currently only missing support for Trezor)
Relevant changes
Support for creating and restoring Singlesig wallets on Bitcoin
Warnings on receive and send dialogs that Ledger Nano S supports a limited set of Liquid assets
Improves send performance and avoids generating multiple change addresses
Shows warning when sending with no available balance
Makes the entire address card clickable to copy to clipboard
Fixes dialog error regression
Fixes filtering for non-confidential UTXOs
Releases the session after fetching news feed and images
Shows only supported 2FA methods
Refreshes fiat exchange rate periodically
BlueWallet v6.2.8 Wallet accounts search, offline wallet import, passphrases + custom derivations
Breez 0.12.lnaddress Lightning address support and bug fixes

Support sending to a Lightning address via Send > Paste (see:
Long press the Boost button to send a Boostagram
Added links support to the QR scanner
Bug fixes
BTCPay Server v1.2.4 Minor bug fixes release, update recommended for shared hosting.
Caravan v0.3.11 Fix to test suite for Coldcard
Coldcard v4.1.3 Enhancements and bug fixes

Enhancement: support “importdescriptors” command in Bitcoin Core 0.21 so that a descriptor-based wallet is created. PSBT files are then supported natively by Core, and the resulting desktop wallet can be used for spending (ie. create PSBT via GUI) and also watching. Translation: Easy air-gap PSBT operation with Bitcoin Core!
Enhancement: remove “m/0/0” derivations from public.txt and address explorer, since that path is obsolete and not used by any major wallets now. We can still sign PSBT files with that path, but it’s an unnecessary risk to show derived addresses for a type of wallet that doesn’t exist anymore.
Enhancement: if PSBT input sections don’t contain the key path information we need, show a more specific error message.
Bugfix: a PSBT which provided the wrong pubkey (based on UTXO being spent) was not flagged as invalid, but instead we proceeded to do nothing. Now says “pubkey vs. address wrong”.«br>Bugfix: if asked to serialize a partially-signed transaction, we did. Now fails properly.
Bugfix: if multiple copies of the same BIP-39 passphrase were saved to a card, the menu would not display correctly and you might not be able to select your saved value.
Electrs v0.9.0 Index DB uses ~60% less storage, faster incremental sync, electrum RPC batching support
Fully Noded v0.2.27 UX improvements & bug fixes
Immortan v0.2.5 LNURL, inpur parsing + bug fixes
Ledger Live Desktop v2.33.1 UX improvements & bug fixes
Mempool.Space v2.2.2 Minor release for fixes and enhancements.
All users are encouraged to upgrade.
Muun Android v46.10 No release notes
myNode v0.2.42 Software updates and logging improvements
nix-bitcoin v0.0.52 Software updates for bitcoind & electrs
Passport v1.0.7 Out of beta: Add support for Specter Desktop, testnet and easy passphrase swapping
Phoenix v1.4.17 Manual input support, sending to Lightning addresses and arabic translation
Ride the lightning v0.11.2 Hotfix for v0.11.1

Fixes an issue for the LND integration, which resulted in failing to connect with the peers, when the connection is initiated from the UI.
RoninDojo v1.11.1 Bug fixes
Rust-Lightning v0.0.101 API updates and bug fixes
Samourai Dojo v1.11.0 postmix decoy change addresses, remove Tor V2 addresses and bug fixes
Samourai Wallet v0.99.97a New features, fixes & updates

> Post-mix spends can now make use of the Like-type change feature as an additional heuristic busting tool.
> NewPoolActivity: Use same fee as tx0FeeTarget. May result in lower overall miner fees in Whirlpool.
> Local receive address indexes to help prevent unintentional address reuse during high network latency or interruption.
Fixes and updates
> Fix: Update in-app Support URLs and support email
> Fix: PayloadUtil: fix spacing
> Update French translation
Sparrow Wallet v1.5.0 Samourai Whirlpool integration, Mix to cold storage and much more!

> Mix UTXOs via Samourai Whirlpool coinjoin integration (mainnet and testnet)
> Mix to an external, open wallet after a configurable number of mixing rounds
> Add an option to optimize transactions for privacy (STONEWALL) or efficiency
> Add a simple privacy analysis of the constructed transaction to the Send tab
> Add Tor status indicator to the status bar if Tor is configured
> Binaries now reproducible (pre-installers) across all supported platforms
> Add privacy-focused anti-fee-sniping recommendations for taproot transactions (thanks @chris-belcher)
> Introduce multiple wallets in one tab via right aligned subtabs
> Export subtabbed wallets using DB persistence (normal wallets still use JSON for legibility)
> Export UTXOs to CSV
> Add items to the File > Save PSBT menu to copy a PSBT to the clipboard in hex or base64
> Allow the creation of multisig wallets with up to the maximum (20) number of cosigners
> Save application width and height across restarts
Add caching for verbose transaction lookups to avoid repeat server requests
> Don’t use a configured Tor proxy to connect to local network addresses
> Bug fix: Handle unknown derivation path for Caravan imports
Bug fix: Use the correct address label for the utxo label when recieving a batched tx to several labelled address
> Bug fix: Truncate labels over 255 characters before saving to db
Bug fix: Copying from the transaction hex view will never copy truncated hex
> Bug fix: Replace illegal filename characters in wallet name with underscores
Specter Desktop v1.6.1-pre15 Pre release, don’t use it if you don’t know why!

> Better Error-management, logging for the APP and Macos builds improvements)
> Improve Jade support
> Uncle jim paperwallet
> Use change addresses in order
> Bugfix - asset labels issues
> And much more!
Sphinx Relay v2.2.1 Contact blocking
Thunderhub v0.12.28 Fix: image url with basePath
Trezor Suite v21.9.2 Offline user onboarding, native build for Apple Silicon chips and bug fixes
Umbrel v0.4.2 Software updates and performance improvements
Zap Android v0.5.1-beta Beta Advanced channel details and Bug fixes


Link Summary
LNURL point of sale Cheap, offline(!), DIY bitcoin lightning-network PoS.
By Ben Arc
Compass Mining Compass Mining launches direct-to-consumer hardware only sales: at-home mining
TAPLEAF_UPDATE_VERIFY covenant opcode A proposal for two new opcodes to allow complex spending rules within a taproot merkle tree.
By AJ Towns.
The Satcomma Standard A novel notation scheme for sub-decimal amounts in bitcoin.
By ProgrammableTX

₿0.03,860,000 = 0.0386 BTC = 3,860,000 sats
₿0.00,005,873 = 0.00005873 BTC = 5,873 sats
₿6.15,000,001 = 6.15000001 BTC = 615,000,001 sats


Link Summary
Citadel Dispatch w/ @achow101 and @craigraw Building software from source code

Building software from source code, reproducible builds, reducing trust, coin selection, coin control, coinjoin
Citadel Dispatch w/ @bigcohoo, @janbraiins, @coinheated, @roninminer, @upstreamdatainc & @martybent Improving your bitcoin mining setup

Improving your bitcoin mining setup, using custom firmware, immersion mining, stratum v2, hosted mining, coinbase rewards, upstreamdata black box
Citadel Dispatch e39 - running a lightning routing node and plebnet with @phjlljp, @rajwinder, and @aehw1 Running your own lightning routing node
SLP307 Becoming A Lightning Routing Node Operator with Jestopher and Tony of Amboss Jestopher and Tony of the Amboss join SL to talk about the journey of becoming a lightning routing node operator, tips, and resources


Link Summary
Testing Guide: Bitcoin Core 22.0 Release Candidate A perfect way for aspiring Bitcoin Core contributors to get started on testing a Bitcoin Core release candidate.
By @josibake
An Intro to Samourai Wallet Introduction to Samourai Wallet and Sentinel mobile apps.
By Bitcoin Q+A and Brother Rabbit

A four part series focused on Samourai Wallet. A free and open source, non custodial bitcoin wallet. The aim of these sessions are to take you back to basics with a new user focused overview of the Samourai ecosystem
Summer of Bitcoin A global program introducing student developers to bitcoin and open-source development.
Running a node with the Blockstream Satellite By Econoalchemist


Link Summary
This Month in Bitcoin Privacy Monthly newsletter on Bitcoin privacy by Janine
Why The Bitcoin Lightning Network Doesn’t Work (Yet) Although the technology is promising, this article hopes to address the flaws that are present by Shinobi
El Salvador adopts Bitcoin as legal tender Becoming the first country in the world to do so

By Bitcoin Q+A + AntomousB | Support | Suggestions | Resources