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October 2021 Edition

Once recorded, the podcast on Bit Buy Bit covering October’s topics will be here.


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Bisq v1.7.5 13 new payment methods, Tor v3 addresses and bug fixes

This release introduces 13 new payment methods: Strike, Verse, Monese, Satispay, Bizum, Pix, Nequi, CelPay, PayTM, UPI, RTGS, NEFT and IMPS. It also upgrades Tor to the its latest version and moves all remaining nodes to Tor v3 addresses. And as always, there are many additional bug fixes and minor improvements across the board.
Blockstream Green v3.7.5 Bump gdk version to 0.0.46.post1
Blockstream Green Desktop v1.0.3 A new release of the Blockstream Green desktop app!

Replaces the GreenAddress app. The feature set has not been completely ported to the new app; subsequent releases are going to incrementally complete porting to the new app (currently only missing support for Trezor)
Relevant changes:
> Option to remember Watch-Only logins
> Supports creating and restoring Singlesig wallets on Liquid
> Updates GDK to 0.0.46.post1
> Use test tickers in test networks for amounts
> Paste numbers with trailing whitespace in amount fields
> Increase tor setup timeouts to improve tor sessions reliability
BlueWallet v6.2.12 Bug fixes
BTCPay Server v1.3.0 Taproot support
> PSBT UI improvements
> Add support for Lightning Address
> Add Passport hardware wallet
c-lightning v0.10.2rc1 No release notes
Electrs v0.9.1 Improvements, simplifications and bug fixes
Fully Noded v0.2.28 2FA & wallet import improvements
> health check tool for iCloud backups
> bug fixes
Immortan v0.3.6 Parse multiple addresses and amounts
JoininBox v0.6.3 Update to Bitcoin Core 22.0 & miner fee setting fixed
Joinmarket v0.9.3 Urgent bugfix upgrade for makers, and JSON RPC API
Ledger Live Desktop v2.34.4 Upgrade Stellar SDK to support Protocol 18
LND v0.14.1-beta.rc1 Hybrid tor connectivity mode & tor connection health check
myNode v0.2.44 Software updates
nix-bitcoin v0.0.55 joinmarket 0.9.3 includes an urgent bugfix for makers
Phoenix v1.4.19 Fix payment details screen for lnurl-pay
Raspiblitz v1.7.1 c-lightning integration & refactor of setup process (prepare for upcomming WebUI)
RoninDojo v1.12.0 Updates to Specter, Dojo + Mempool v2
Rust-Lightning v0.0.102 API updates and bug fixes
Samourai Dojo v1.12.1 Bug fixes
Simple Bitcoin Wallet v2.2.17 Bug fixes + UI improvements
Sparrow Wallet v1.5.2 > Automatic account discovery
> Recount mixes from postmix transactions if mix data unavailable
> bug fixes
Specter Desktop v1.7.0 > Auto privacy settings
> Uncle jim paperwallet
> bug fixes
Thunderhub v0.12.30 Add ‘social info’
Trezor Suite v21.10.2 > Bitcoin payment links now open in Suite
> Czech language
Umbrel v0.4.6 This version of Umbrel contains a bugfix for the Samourai Server app’s connectivity issue. If you’re facing an issue with it currently, please try re-installing the app again after the update.
Zap Android v0.5.2-beta Beta Lightning Address support
> Better error messages
> Bug fixes
Zeus Android v0.6.0 - aplha Lightning Address support


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LNURL point of sale Cheap, offline(!), DIY bitcoin lightning-network PoS.
By Ben Arc
River Hosted Mining River Financial launches hosted mining solution
Voltage Flow Voltage creates a service to ease the use of Lightning Pool more accessible


Link Summary
Bit Buy Bit w/ @zachherbert The process of creating Passport as well as how the team is growing and some future plans are discussed
Bit Buy Bit w/ @arcbtc A great conversation on the opportunities enabled by Lightning, how LNbits was born as well as what the future may hold
Citadel Dispatch e39 - running a lightning routing node and plebnet with @phjlljp, @rajwinder, and @aehw1 Running your own Lightning routing node
SLP315 Networking For Bitcoiners with K3tan Have you been wanting to learn more about networking in how it relates to running your node? Ketan, the co-founder of Ministry of Nodes joins Stephan to discuss:
> Basic tips on networking and IP
>Securing your home network with practical tips
> Using your bitcoin node and wallet
> Tor and VPN
> Home box nodes vs VPS
> What kind of equipment you should use to run your bitcoin node – Raspis vs desktop PC
BTC046 Bitcoin Full Nodes & Instant Settlement on the Lightning Network w/ BTC Sessions On this episode, Preston Pysh talks with BTC Sessions about why it’s important to run your own full node and what it means for instant settlement


Link Summary
Multisig Backups How to backup and restore multisig wallets
By @BTCSessions
Using Whirlpool in Sparrow Wallet How to coinjoin within Sparrow Wallet
By @BTCSessions
SeedSigner: Seed generation and QR creation On this post BTCHODL will cover the process of generating the seed and creating a QR code in order to avoid having to enter the twelve seed words every time you use the device with this seed
By @Btchodl4


Link Summary
This Month in Bitcoin Privacy Monthly newsletter on Bitcoin privacy by Janine
Elligator Squared for BN-like curves This article by Pieter Wuille presents an option to hide a public key in plain sight by making it effectively indistinguishable from random bytes
The Quest for Digital Cash A history of the cypherpunks and the tools that led to the creation of Bitcoin. By Alex Gladstein
Blockstream funds Federated E-Cash exploration Blockstream Sponsors Federated E-Cash as a Bitcoin Scaling Technology

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