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Welcome to Bitcoin Monthly, a no frills index of the main news and developments from the last month in Bitcoin.

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November 2021 Edition

Once recorded, the podcast on Bit Buy Bit covering November’s topics will be here.


Link Summary
Blockstream Green v3.7.6 Support to connect to your personal electrum server in app settings
Blockstream Green Desktop v1.0.4 Send to bech32m addresses, manual coin selection for singlesig
BlueWallet v6.2.13 UI + bug fixes
Breez 0.12.FixPack Fix crash in new installs on some devices, QR support for Lightning addresses
BTCPay Server v1.3.6 Bug fix
c-lightning v0.10.2 Retrying payments does not affect the status of prior attempts
Electrs v0.9.3 Improvements, simplifications and bug fixes
Fully Noded v0.2.30 Create single sig Taproot wallets, more robust UR support + bug fixes
Hexa Wallet v2.0.5 Gift sats feature, UI/UX improvements + bug fixes
Immortan v0.5.7 Coin control
Joinmarket v0.9.4 Required bug fix for makers + address labels
LND v0.14.1-beta.rc1 Hybrid tor connectivity mode & tor connection health check + bug fix to restore cross implementation compatability
myNode v0.2.47 Software updates
nix-bitcoin v0.0.59 Software updates + add RTL
Passport v1.0.8 beta Auto delete PSBT files after signing + bug fixes
Rust-Lightning v0.0.103 API updates and bug fixes
SeedSigner v0.4.5 Optimized workflows, custom derivation paths, new fonts + screen saver
Simple Bitcoin Wallet v2.2.17 Bug fixes + UI improvements
Specter Desktop v1.7.2 Improved rescans for newer wallets, encrypted user data storage + bug fixes
Sphinx Relay v2.2.3 Bug fixes
Start9 EmbassyOS v0.2.17 SSL cert bug fix
Thunderhub v0.12.31 Bug fixes
Trezor Suite v21.11.2 New search feature + design enhancements
Umbrel v0.4.9 2FA security, addition of Tallycoin connect + Syncthing
Zap Android v0.5.2-beta Beta Lightning Address support, better error messages, bug fixes
Zeus Android v0.6.0 - aplha4 NFC support + UI improvements


Link Summary
Bitcoin Self-Custody: A Path Forward Announcement of Nunchuk 2.0 beta as mobile and desktop app.
tbDEX: A Liquidity Protocol v0.1 The tbDEX protocol aims to create ubiquitous and accessible on-ramps and off-ramps that allow the avarage individual to benifit from cypto innovation.


Link Summary
Citadel Dispatch e43 – Bitcoin for beginners with @BitcoinQ_A Actionable bitcoin content for beginners
Citadel Dispatch e44 – Using secure random number generators to generate bitcoin keys with waxwing and @raw_avocado Random number generators and why they are important when securing bitcoin
Citadel Dispatch e45 – The future of mobile lightning wallets with @ericsirion, @akumaigorodski, and @fiatjaf The future of mobile lightning wallets
SLP321 On-chain scaling with Bitcoin Core Developers Pieter Wuille, Andrew Poelstra, Andrew Chow & Murch Tabconf 2021 panel discussion
SLP319 T-Bast Lightning Protocol Privacy Exploration What can be done to improve Lightning network privacy?
BIT BUY BIT 124: Jameson Lopp on Bitcoin, privacy and security Talk with Jameson Lopp about Bitcoin, security and a few projects he has been working on.


Link Summary
ColdCard & Seed XOR This guide demonstrates how to secure your Bitcoin private keys using a ColdCard and their integrated Seed XOR method.
By Econoalchemist
Compact Block Filters Deep Dive (BIP 158) A technical explanation of the workings of compact block filters and Golomb-Rice Coding.
By Elle Mouton
SeedSigner: Verifying dice seed generation A comprehensive guide to varifying your SeedSigner is correctly using your dice rolls as a source of entropy for seed generation.
By jpph


Link Summary
Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #176 This week’s newsletter links to a discussion about how to allow LN users to choose between higher fees and higher payment reliability.
This Month in Bitcoin Privacy Monthly newsletter on Bitcoin privacy.
By Janine
Lightning privacy: From Zero to Hero This article contains many privacy pitfalls of lightning, how you can avoid them, and how we plan on addressing them in the future.
By T-Bast
Proliferating Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash Nick discusses the state of Bitcoin being used as peer-to-peer electronic cash as well as some of the reasons behind Bitcoin’s lack of adoption by retailers, the problems with custodians, and some payment processors.
By Nick Farrow
Taproot vs. Security Threats. Bitcoin Tech Talk #267 Weekly newsletter on technical Bitcoin news.
By Jimmy Song
Lopp’s threat index: analyzing the top 5 bitcoin security threats An article about the different security threats to holding Bitcoin and the trade-offs between various methods.
By Jameson Lopp

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