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Welcome to Bitcoin Monthly, a no frills index of the main news and developments from the last month in Bitcoin.

We aim to index these main categories:-

May 2021 Edition

Podcast on Bit Buy Bit covering May’s topics here.


Link Summary
Bisq v1.6.4 Bug fixes
Blockstream Green Desktop v0.1.7 Desktop app general update
BlueWallet v6.1.4 Bug fixes
BTCPay Server v1.1.2 Shopify bug fix
Dux Reserve v0.4.2 Big fixes + add RBF
Fully Noded v0.2.17 Big fixes + add framework for future Yubikey integration
HWI 2.0.2-rc No release notes at time of writing
JoininBox v0.4.0 Software updates, add CJFINDER + CHECKTXN
LND v0.13.0-beta-rc3 Pruned node support + AMP send/receive
myNode v0.2.33 Add Balance of Satoshis + software updates
Phoenix v1.4.13 Add maximum swap amount
RoninDojo v1.10.0 New web based node manager, software updates + bug fixes
Seed Signer v0.4.0 Large code refactoring to improve startup time + UI improvements
Sparrow v1.4.1 Broadcast tx’s over new Tor circuits, UI improvements + bug fixes
Specter Desktop v1.4.0 Broadcast tx’s using external service over Tor, add sensitive mode, multiple nodes + add cancel tx feature with RBF
Specter DIY v1.5.4 Wallet export improvements + bug fixes
Umbrel v0.3.10 Bitcoin core update, add LND hub for Blue Wallet lightning
Whirlpool CLI v0.10.11 Stability improvements + bug fixes


Link Summary
OpenSats Support contributors to Bitcoin and other free and open source projects
LND Sidecar Channels New onboarding tool for new LN entrants
LN Router Probe Lightning fee optimisation tool
Mining Pool Observor Transparency tool for mining pool transaction selection by 0xB10C
Terminal Web Web-based interface for Lightning node operators


Link Summary
Bitcoin Kindergarten w/ beeforbacon1 Lightning routing
Bit Buy Bit w/ Max Tannahill Privacy related chat
Chaincode Decoded Technical look at the blockchain
Citadel Dispatch w/ Fiatjaf + Evan Kaloudis Lightning network
Dirtcoin Diaries w/ Diverter + Econoalchemist Home mining
Once BITten! w/ SeedSigner DIY signing devices
The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado Mining Censorship
Stephan Livera w/ Pavel Moravec Miner Taproot signalling


Link Summary
Beginner guide to Bitcoin Beginner guide to Bitcoin by Ministry of Nodes
Bitcoin & Lightning Guide Tor-Only Bitcoin & Lightning Guide by Jameson Lopp
BTC Sessions LND Hub guide Video guide on using LND hub + Blue Wallet
BTC Sessions Lightning Node guide Comprehensive video guide to setting up a Lightning node
Chaincode Labs Seminars Online seminars for those interested in contributing to Bitcoin Core or The Lightning Network
Lightning Liquidity Tips Managing liquidity on the Lightning Network by Lightning Labs
Multisig Guide Sovereign multisig guide by BitcoinQnA
Taproot explainer Taproot benefit run down by Jameson Lopp
Sparrow Wallet 101 Sparrow Wallet guide by BitcoinQnA


Link Summary
Bitcoin Design Update #10 Various updates on Bitcoin related design initiatives
Bitcoin Optech #150 IRC moving to, Eclair v0.6.0 + LND v0.13.0
Hash Rate, Difficult + Fee Relationships How are hash rate, difficulty and fees related? by Dilution-Proof
Lightning Labs Newsletter Lightning Network updates
Marathon Mines ‘Clean’ Bitcoin Block Marathon has mined a Bitcoin block deemed fully compliant with U.S. regulations
State of Lightning Network Privacy Explainer of Lightning Network privacy by Anthony Ronning
Utreexo Faster blockchain validation with Utreexo accumulators by Bitmex

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