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Welcome to Bitcoin Monthly, a no frills index of the main news and developments from the last month in Bitcoin.

We aim to index these main categories:-

July 2021 Edition

Once recorded, the podcast on Bit Buy Bit covering July’s topics will be here.


Link Summary
Bisq v1.7.2 Memory consumption optimisations
Blockstream Green v3.6.3 Single sig wallet support + enhanced Jade support
Blockstream Green Desktop v0.1.10 Coin control + default SegWit for single sig wallets
BlueWallet v6.2.2 Passphrase support + custom derivation for watch-only wallets + Electrum seed imports
Coldcard v4.1.2 Show derived entropy, TxIDs + other info via QR code
Fully Noded v0.2.21 Bug fixes
Lily Wallet v1.0.7 Paid vaults option
LND v0.13.1-beta Maintenance release
myNode v0.2.38 Software updates + bug fixes
nix-bitcoin v0..48 Software update
Passport v1.0.5 Fix UR scanning via Blue Wallet + increase max PSBT size
Samourai Dojo v1.10.1 Bug fixes
Samourai Wallet v0.99.96i User selected backup locations
Seed Signer v0.4.2 Single sig mode, QR format seed imports + passphrase support
Sparrow v1.4.3 P2TR support on tesnet, Caravan wallet import/export + more UX improvements
Specter Desktop v1.5.0 Multi-language support + bug fixes
Start9 EmbassyOS v0.2.14 Tor security fix
Zeus v5.2 LN URL channel support, LND Hub via Tor capability + Hungarian translation


Link Summary
Blind xpubs Blinding a seed using secret BIP32 paths by Michael Flaxman
Bolt 12 Draft proposal for a new Lightning payment structure
clightning4j-node c-Lightning node docker image
Greenlight Cloud based Lightning nodes by Blockstream
Phoenix iOS LN wallet by Acinq now available on iOS
rn-LDK Flexible Lightning implementation written in Rust


Link Summary
Bit Buy Bit w/ Pavel Sevcik RoninDojo + privacy
Citadel Dispatch w/ Diverter, Econoalchemist + Ronin Miner Mining discussion
Stephan Livera w/ Andrew Chow Output Script Descriptors
What Bitcoin Did w/ Christian Decker + Carla Kirk-Cohen Lightning Network privacy + security
21ism w/ Craig Raw Sparrow Wallet


Link Summary
Casa Multisig Guide Guide to creating a multisig vault using Casa by BTC Sessions
Home Mining Guide Guide to mining at home by demipop
Keystone Guide Guide to using Keystone hardware wallet by BTC Sessions
Mobile Multisig Guide Guide to creating a multisig vault using Blue Wallet by BTC Sessions
Mix to xPub Guide Guide to mixing straight to cold storage with Whirlpool by Diverter
Passport Video Guide Guide to using Passport hardware Wallet by BTC Sessions
Passport Written Guide Guide to using Passport hardware wallet by Bitcoin Q+A


Link Summary
Brink Dev Grants Brink announces grants for Larry Ruane + Sebastian Falbesoner
Lightning Labs Newsletter Lightning Network updates
Mining pool size vs Income variance By Typerbole
Spending P2TR for fun 0xB10C On anyone-can-spend Pay-to-Taproot outputs before activation
The Bullish Case for Home Mining A look at the behind the scenes of mining at home by Econoalchemist

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