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Welcome to Bitcoin Monthly, a no frills index of the main news and developments from the last month in Bitcoin.

We aim to index these main categories:-

Podcast on Bit Buy Bit covering January’s topics here.


Link Summary
Bitcoin Core v0.21.0 Descriptor wallets, compact block filters via P2P network, new rebroadcast logic, Tor v3 support + Taproot added
Coldcard v3.2.2 Multi-sig wallet address verification + custom derivation paths
Fully Noded v0.2.10 Transaction labels, updated UX/UX + universal builds
Samourai Wallet v0.99.96b PayNym UI improvements + wallet now saves sats/BTC preference
BlueWallet v6.0.3 Vault key sharing, coin control UX imporovements
Hexa Wallet v1.4.1 Connect to Bitcoin Core + bug fixes
Blockstream Green Introduction of check sequence verify timelocks
Specter v1.0.0 Address labelling UI improvements, data exports to CSV
Sparrow v0.9.10 Connect to Bitcoin Core directly, wallet birth date support + faster tx searches
myNode v0.2.22 Software updates, bug fixes + improved logs
Umbrel v0.3.2 Various application updates
RaspiBlitz v1.6.3 Updates to Specter, Mempool, RTL + Joininbox
RoninDojo v1.8.3 General bug fixes
Start9 Labs v0.2.8 App updates, Tor reliability + UI improvements
JoininBox v0.1.16 Streamlined install + Boltzmann calculator
BTCPay Server v1.0.6.6 Server pairing via QR, general UI improvements + bug fixes
Mempool v2.0 V2 support for single board computers
Bisq v1.5.4 DoS attack resilience
c-lightning v0.9.3 Onion messages + “offers”


Link Summary
Blockstream Jade New hardware wallet from Blockstream
Strike Global Protocol allowing users to send/receive bitcoin to/from various currencies
Silent.Link Purchase eSIM without KYC using Bitcoin or Lightning
txCast Commandline tool to quickly broadcast signed transactions over tor
LNsync Tool to improve LN payment speed and reliability


Link Summary
Stephan Livera w/ Jonas Schnelli Bitcoin development, contribution, funding + the ecosystem of Bitcoin
What Bitcoin Did w/ Vijay Boyapati A Bitcoin primer podcast
What Bitcoin Did w/ Shinobi Deepdive explainer on UTXO’s
Citadel Dispatch w/ J9Roem + Benthecarman Censorship, privacy + open source software discussion
Citadel Dispatch w/ Diverter + Max Tannahill Encryption, mining + noKYC discussion
The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado Lightning Network basics
Bit Buy Bit w/ Ketan Network security, nodes + self custody
Bitcoin Fundamentals w/ Jimmy Song 51% attacks, Bitcoin updates + node operators


Link Summary
Verifying Software Guide Guide to verifying software signatures by Bitcoin Q+A
5 Tips for Bitcoin Newcomers 5 practical tips for Bitcoin newcomers by BTC Sessions
Bitcoin Transaction Fees How to save money on transaction fees by BTC Sessions
Bitcoin Explained Bitcoin explainer by B.J Dweck
Wallet Backup Guide Detailed guide on backup options by 6102 Bitcoin
Understanding Bitcoin Wallets How to acquire + store bitcoin by Ministry of Nodes
The Builders Guide to LND A guide to building on Lightning by LND


Link Summary
Bitcoin Core Release: What’s New? Bitcoin Core update review by Aaron van Wirdum
Bitcoin Optech #132 Payjoin adoption + hardware wallet compatability
HRF Announce Grants Human Rights Foundation provide grants to Specter + Lot49
Tor Network Attack v3 Onion addresses down after attack on the Tor Network By Dark Net Daily
Ledger Data Leak Another user data leak announced by Ledger
FinCEN Extends Comment Period Comment period on proposed new regulation has been extended
Arctic Circle Mining BitCluster to commence mining operations in Norilsk
Bitcoin Core Usage Survey Survey to learn how + why people use Bitcoin Core

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