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Welcome to Bitcoin Monthly, a no frills index of the main news and developments from the last month in Bitcoin.

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Feb 2021 Edition

Podcast on Bit Buy Bit covering Febuary’s topics here.


Link Summary
Fully Noded v0.2.12 Bug fixes
Samourai Wallet v0.99.96c Wallet now saves sats/BTC preference, testnet version of 100k sat pool + local cache of
Blockstream Green v3.4.9 Wallet now encrypts metadata
BlueWallet v6.0.5 Fee estimation based on mempool, import LND seeds + Electrum JSON imports
Hexa Wallet v1.4.5 Buy bitcoin within the app + bug fixes
Zap Android v0.4.0 Multi Path Payments, contacts + Keysend
Phoenix v1.4.6 Minimum receive amount now shown
Zeus Wallet v0.5.0 Built in Tor + ability to set first + last hop when paying an invoice
Specter v1.2.0 Descriptor wallets + ability to freeze UTXO’s
Sparrow v1.2.0 Pre configured electrum servers, Signet support + updated welcome UI
Wasabi Wallet v1.1.12.4 Updated Tor client + Bitcoin Knots v0.21.0
Nunchuck v0.9.7 Connect directly to Bitcoin core + device address verification
myNode v0.2.26 Add CKBunker, Sphinx relay + bug fixes
Umbrel v0.3.5 Samourai server, LNbits, new wallet connector + Lightning Pool
JoininBox v0.2.0 Update JoinMarket, add Signet support, add watch only wallet + now available via SD card image
BTCPay Server v1.0.6.8 UI fixes
Mempool v2.2 Patch release to optimise memory usage for SBCs + support for Signet
Bisq v1.5.6 Bug fixes, UI improvements removal of trade ID
Ride The Lightning v10.1 Boltz swap integration, UTXO management + UI imporvements
Samourai Dojo v1.9 Delete tracked XPUBs, re-scan progress now shown + Tor v2/v3 option


Link Summary
Greta’s Fury Campaign to pollute the transaction graph through the use of Payjoin transactions
Lightning Pool UI Graphical interface for Lightning Pool users


Link Summary
The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado Explaining Replace by Fee
The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado Explaining Bitcoin addresses
Stephan Livera w/ NVK Talk on Bitcoin security considerations
Citadel Dispatch w/ Ketan + Wizard of Aus Open source software + self hosting discussion
Citadel Dispatch w/ Econoalchemist + Craig Raw Bitcoin Self custody, security, and privacy
Bit Buy Bit w/ Ergo Privacy tips and tricks
Tales from the Crypt w/ Matt Corallo UASF, BIP 148, BIP 91 + Taproot


Link Summary
Ministry of Nodes, node box guide Comprehensive guide to setting up your own node using Ubuntu
Sparrow Wallet storage guide Guide on storing different amounts of bitcoin
PGP guide Guide on getting started with PGP by Diverter
Home mining guide Guide on getting started with home mining by Econoalchemist
Stowaway guide Stowaway (Payjoin) guide by Econoalchemist
Self hosting info Info on how to take back control of your data by Ketan
How to use CK Bunker CK Bunker how to by KIS Bitcoin
How to use a Bitcoin ATM Bitcoin ATM guide by BTC Sessions
Saylor Academy 12 hour primer on Bitcoin by Stephan Livera


Link Summary
Teleport Transactions Proposal CoinSwap related proposal by Chris Belcher
Taproot Activation Proposal Expected timeline Taproot activation
Taproot + the LOT debate Explainer on the nuances around ‘lockinontimeout’
Bitcoin Optech #136 Multi-sig BIP proposal + escrow over LN proposal
BIP47 v3 proposal Improvements to the ‘Paynym’ BIP

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