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Welcome to Bitcoin Monthly, a no frills index of the main news and developments from the last month in Bitcoin.

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December 2021 Edition

Once recorded, the podcast on Bit Buy Bit covering December’s topics will be here.


Link Summary
Bisq v1.8.0 Introducing BSQ swaps, new payment methods and performance enhancements
Blockstream Green Android v3.7.7 Automatic wallet restore, enhanced privacy options, UX upgrades
BTC RPC Explorer v3.3.0 New tool for viewing the UTXO set, new API actions and performance improvements
BTCPay Server v1.3.7 Bug fixes
Hexa Wallet v2.0.65 Partnership with Swan Bitcoin
Joininbox v0.6.5 Bug fixes and UX improvements
LNBits 0.4.0 LNURL POS compatability
myNode v0.2.49 New app Warden terminal and software updates
nix-bitcoin v0.0.60 Software updates
Rust-Lightning v0.0.104 API updates and bug fixes
Samourai Dojo v1.13.0 Support for P2TR ouputs, fixed missing txs after ZPUB rescan/import
Samourai Wallet v0.99.98 P2TR support, brand new Whirlpool UI, Fixes & UX Updates
Sparrow v1.5.5 Allow all accounts to receive Pay to PayNym (Stowaway) payments, dust limitremoved for sending to PayNyms, add Seed Tool as an airgapped hardware wallet
Specter v1.6.2 Miniscript bugfix
Trezor Suite v21.12.2 P2TR support, lower fees thanks to improved transaction size calculation, improved UX on Android
Umbrel v0.4.10 New app ‘Uptime Kuma’ and software updated updates
Zap Android v0.5.4-beta Fixed crashes on Android 12


Link Summary
Bitcoin Lightning Improvement Proposal bLIPS The BIP equivalent launched by Lightning Labs for more efficient developement coordination.
RoninDojo Tanto New plug and play node box release


Link Summary
Citadel Dispatch e46 – improving your home bitcoin mining setup with @BigCohoo, @dfrumps, @RoninMiner, and @BtcBoulder Securing the cheapest power, Braiins OS, negotiating with your power company, utilizing solar subsidies, asic resale value, efficiency, slush pool, mining pool centralization, hosted providers vs running it yourself
BIT BUY BIT 124: Openoms on El Salvador and Home networking for Bitcoiners RaspiBlitz + home networking
Bitcoin Explained - Compact Blocks How Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer network is made more efficient with Compact Blocks
Stehan Livera w/ Federated Mints for Bitcoin scaling and privacy Discussion of a new scaling/privacy proposal for Bitcoin


Link Summary
Rubin’s 2021 Bitcoin Advent Calendar An insightful daily dose of bitcoin knowledge for the end of the year.
By Jeremy Rubin
Bitcoin Privacy 101: An Introduction to CoinJoin A biginner friendly explanation of privacy practices such as coinjoin and payjoin.
By Janine Römer
What is a multisig wallet configuration file and what is it for? Learn all about the data needed to create and restore a multisig wallet and how to secure it.
By Porter
Home Mining Network Privacy Secure your network when mining at home
By Econoalchemist


Link Summary
Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #180 This special edition of the Optech Newsletter summarizes notable developments in Bitcoin during all of 2021. It’s the sequel to our summaries from 2018, 2019, and 2020.
LND: Tor & Clearnet - How to setup hybrid-mode If you wish to optimize for performance AND privacy on lightning you may find this article interesting.
By ‘HODLmeTight’

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