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Welcome to Bitcoin Monthly, a no frills index of the main news and developments from the last month in Bitcoin.

We aim to index these main categories:-

August 2021 Edition

Once recorded, the podcast on Bit Buy Bit covering Augusts’s topics will be here.


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Bisq v1.7.3 Improved tooltip for singed/unsigned accounts + bug fixes
Blockstream Green v3.6.4 Add pin pad for 2FA codes
Blockstream Green Desktop v0.1.12 Mac compatability fix
BlueWallet v6.2.3 Add Electrum connection toggle + share/save QR codes
Breez 0.12.bugs Bug fixes
BTC RPC Explorer v3.2.0 Public API, XPUB search, UI improvements & bug fixes
BTCPay Server v1.2.1 UI + API improvements
c-lightning v0.10.1 Add Electrum connection toggle + share/save QR codes

- experimental-dual-fund allows advertizement of funding rates which we will contribute to channels automatically, on a 1-month lease
- withdraw and close (if peer supports) now supports Taproot (and other future) addresses
- listchannels can now be queried by destination, as well as source
- plugin rescan now automatically reloads plugins which have changed
- fundpsbt will no longer include uneconomic UTXOs (unless all)
- close will return a stream of notifications if there is a delay in closing
- Unilateral close feerates were reduced from bitcoind’s “2 CONSERVATIVE” to “6 ECONOMICAL”
- Tor v2 is deprecated: please upgrade to v3!
- Fixed disconnection bug when an HTLC failed
- Fixed bug in rapid feerate changes, and make code space them out (LND compat)
- Fixed bug where Tor on different ports could be advertized incorrectly
- Fixed various bugs to make pay more robust
Fully Noded v0.2.25 UX improvements & bug fixes
JoininBox v0.6.0 Update Joinmarket + added user functionality
Joinmarket v0.9.0 Introduction of fidelity bonds

Please read the release notes at for details on what this release includes. This release introduces the ability to create timelocked outputs as fidelity bonds, to use these as a Joinmarket maker, and to use this as information as a Joinmarket taker. Detailed explanation in the release notes.

You’re strongly recommended to backup, and then recreate your joinmarket.cfg (in ~/.joinmarket by default), to make sure you have the latest version of the config settings. Then read the above release notes which will guide you on what changes may or may not be needed for your situation. Note that some users, but not all, will want to recover their existing wallet into a new fidelity-bond enabled wallet - the main section of the release notes will guide you on this.

Please verify the PGP signatures of the releases (zip files and exe file, see below) before using. They are signed with AdamISZ’s pubkey (fingerprint: 2B6F C204 D9BF 332D 062B 461A 1410 01A1 AF77 F20B.

A reminder that since 0.7.0, (gpg signed) Windows executable builds of JoinmarketQt are included with the release.

(Similar binaries for Linux and Mac are not provided but may be if people show interest in testing and working on it.)
Mempool.Space v2.2.1 UI improvements & bug fixes
myNode v0.2.41 Software updates + improved connection to Zap
nix-bitcoin v0.0.50 Software update
Passport v1.0.7 beta Add support for Specter Desktop, testnet and easy passphrase swapping
Phoenix v1.4.15 Extract invoices from saved images
Ride the lightning v0.11.1 Maintenance release with minor updates and bug fixes
RoninDojo v1.11.0 Software updates, bug fixes + SSH key authentication
Samourai Wallet v0.99.96j Pin entry timout + UI improvements

Fixes + Updates

- Fix: GUI pairing for ‘no-passphrase’ wallet
- Fix: Improved spend validation (Fee slider UI)
- Fix: PIN entry timeout
- Fix : Improved permission check for scoped storage
- Fix: Disable back button press issue during Tx progress
- Housekeeping: Soroban stability improvements
- Housekeeping: Refactor callbacks to lambda
- Housekeeping: General cleanup and refactoring
Seed Signer v0.4.4 The “The Smart Scanning, Live Preview & Moar Entropy” Release

New Features:
- Smart scanning identifies item scanned & adjusts workflow/settings accordingly
- Screen displays live-preview during seed-from-photo & QR scanning modules
- More entropy introduced to seed-from-photo module (CPU serial, milliseconds, frames)
- Faster animated QR generation
- Faster camera initialization
- Persistent settings with SeedSigner reset option
- Handling of no-camera-installed within I/O Test module
- Prompt for wallet during XPUB export process
- Warning message if seed does not correspond with PSBT
Specter Desktop v1.6.0 Add support for Foundation Passport
Start9 EmbassyOS v0.2.16 Bug fixes
Trezor Suite v21.8.1 Spanish language, option to install custom firmware & UI improvements
Umbrel v0.4.1 App updates + ‘server’ apps added to prev release
Zap Android v0.5.0 Addition of native Tor
Zeus v0.6.0 alpha Complete UI overhaul + LNURL auth support


Link Summary
Blockstream Mining Blockstream to offer mining facilities to energy producers
Camouflage A list of issues and pull requests related to privacy for different Bitcoin projects
Lightning Address A simpler way for anyone to send Bitcoin on the Lightning Network
Simple Bitcoin Wallet Re-release of ‘Bitcoin Lightning Wallet’ + first mobile wallet to support routing


Link Summary
Bit Buy Bit w/ Anontony Privacy + freedom talk
Blue Collar Bitcoin w/ Matt Odell Talk on Bitcoin privacy basics
Citadel Dispatch w/ Seedsigner and Keithmukai Build your own hardware wallet for $50
Citadel Dispatch w/ sethforprivacy Mobile phone privacy in relation to Bitcoin
Stephan Livera w/ Ergo Chain surveil yourself
Stephan Livera w/ Rusty Russell Lightning Offers / BOLT12: The next big thing in Lightning?


Link Summary
How You Can Mine Bitcoin At Home By Econoalchemist
Understanding Bitcoin Privacy with OXT — Part 1/4 Introduction to the core concepts of transaction privacy

In this section the author introduces many of the basic concepts around bitcoin transaction privacy. Pseudonymous bitcoin provides a basic level of privacy that is not directly associated with personal identifiable information.

However, the openness of the bitcoin protocol allows for the tracking of bitcoin flows. This concept is broadly referred to as “chain analysis”. A core focus of chain analysis focuses on detection of change outputs by making use of several heuristics. If successful, these heuristics allow for tracking a single users activity over multiple transactions.
Understanding Bitcoin Privacy with OXT — Part 2/4 Introduction the the core concepts of chain analysis

In Parts 1 and 2 the author introduces the fundamentals of chain analysis including change detection, transaction graph analysis, and the common input ownership heuristic.

Change detection consists of a series of heuristics used to determine a likely transaction change output. A transaction graph analysis can quickly and visually illustrate these heuristic interpretations to track the activity of a single user. Additional data including wallet clustering by the common input ownership heuristic can be used to improve confidence in change detection. Attributing a wallet cluster to a user or centralised service activity requires additional off chain data tying a suspect address and spending activity to the noted service.

In the following section the author will introduce the concepts used to defeat chain analysis and make user tracking more difficult.
Understanding Bitcoin Privacy with OXT — Part 3/4 Introduction to the core concepts of improving bitcoin’s privacy

In Part 3 the author introduces the many tools capable of defeating the main heuristics of chain analysis.

Change detection heuristics can be defeated by avoiding round payment amounts, creating transactions with identical change output script types, and randomising change output positions.

Equal output coinjoins are collaborative transactions involving multiple users. By breaking deterministic links these transactions create ambiguous transaction graphs. By involving multiple users, they defeat the CIOH.

Payjoin transactions are also collaborative transactions. They involve the payer and payee in creating a transaction and have the same transaction fingerprint as a normal multi-input spend. Without an identifiable fingerprint, these transactions defeat the CIOH.
Understanding Bitcoin Privacy with OXT — Part 4/4 Dangers of KYC and actionable advice

1. Analyses needing a “starting point”

2. The privacy implications of sending and receiving payments

3. How existing privacy techniques can mitigate many of the issues discussed throughout the guide.
Lightning Liquidity Management Guide Lessons learned from running a routing node on the Lightning Network by Jameson Lopp
Zeus - Mobile Bitcoin Lightning Node Management How to maintain and utilise your Bitcoin lightning network node on the fly from anywhere. By BTC Sessions


Link Summary
This Month in Bitcoin Privacy Monthly newsletter by Janine

Table of contents:

- Samourai Wallet and Atomic Swaps
- The freedom of bitcoin
- Bisq patches privacy Vulnerability
- Wasabi Wallet 2.0 Update, continued
- Taproot adoption
- FATF report and EU AML proposals
- A survey on mixing techniques
- Pegasus spyware and mobile wallets
Lightning’s Missing Piece: A Decentralized Liquidity Market By Lisa Neigut
On the security model of software wallets By Jean-Baptiste Bédrune & Charles Guillemet
Bitcoin Privacy - A Survey on Mixing Techniques By Simin Ghesmati and Walid Fdhila and Edgar Weippl
Defining and Discussing “Bitcoin Security” By Shinobi

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