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Welcome to Bitcoin Monthly, a no frills index of the main news and developments from the last month in Bitcoin.

We aim to index these main categories:-

April 2021 Edition

Podcast on Bit Buy Bit covering April’s topics here.


Link Summary
Bitcoin Core v0.21.1 Speedy trial activation support + defined parameters
Bitcoin Explorer v3.1.1 New dark theme, design updates, pruned node support + bug fixes
Bisq implementing Liquid Bisq will work to implement support for Liquid as a base layer
Blockstream Green Desktop v0.1.5 Address search, bug fixes + wallet naming
BlueWallet v6.0.8 RTL language support, show wallet fingerprints + add batch option for all wallet types
BTCPay Server v1.1.0 CVE bug disclosure, integrated loop, upgraded LND
C-Lightning v0.10.0 Dual funded channels
Coldcard v4.1.0 Seed XOR, BIP48 derrivation support, define account number when setting up multisig
Dux Reserve v0.4.1 Encrypted wallet exports + UI improvements
Electrum v4.1.2 Bug fixes + UI improvements
Fully Noded v0.2.16 Specify manual fee rate in core + bug fixes
Hexa Wallet v1.5.1 New backup UX + bug fixes
HWI 2.0.1 Trezor T fixes
JoininBox v0.3.4 Select miner fee rate + LND install script to run a private node
myNode v0.2.30 Lightning Terminal, LND Watchtowers, UI improvements
Phoenix v1.4.10 Reject paid invoices + UI improvements
Raspiblitz v1.7.0 New base image, LND improvements, Lightning Terminal, Circuit breaker + Whitepaper download
RoninDojo v1.9.1 Specter update + Tor fixes
Samourai Wallet v0.99.96g Reduced Ricochet fee + bug fixes
Samourai Dojo v1.9.0 UX improvements + delete tracked xpubs
Sparrow v1.4.0 CPFP improvements, import master priv key, transaction hex tooltips + connection improvements
Specter DIY v1.5.3 Export xpubs to SD, new icons, UI updates
Sphinx-relay v2.0.13 Improved connections
Start9 Improved connectivity, ‘Embassy Pages’, file browser update
Umbrel v0.3.9 Performance improvements, new troubleshooting tool, always on LN node, wider SSD support + Lily Wallet connection support
Wasabi Wallet v1.1.12.8 Wallet recovery bug fix
Zeus now on App Store Zeus Wallet now available via Apple App Store (no testflight)


Link Summary
Bitcoin Icons Open-source/open-design set of icons made for Bitcoin centric applications
New Blockstream Satellite New compact way to receive block data without using the internet
Onion78 Proposal for mobile Payjoin implementation into Chaincase app


Link Summary
Bit Buy Bit w/ Diverter Privacy related chat
Bitcoin Fundamentals w/ Alex Gladstein Bitcoin as a tool against tyranny
Bitcoin Magazine w/ Ben Carman Talk on Taproot + DLCs
Chaincode Podcast Technical look at Bitcoin mempools
Citadel Dispatch w/ NVK + Ketominer Bitcoin hardware chat
Dirtcoin Diaries w/ Max Tannahill Coin control talk followed by Q&A
The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado Taproot activation update
Stephan Livera w/ Roy Sheinfeld Breez wallet + Lightning chat


Link Summary
Advice on ‘stuck’ transactions What happens when your BTC transaction gets ‘stuck’ by Braiins
Beginners guide to mining Bitcoin mining and difficulty adjustments explained in non-technical terms by Braiins
Ben Kaufman thread Thread explaining the difference between private keys, signing devices + wallet software
Bitcoin Security Guide Start to finish guide on self custody
BTC Sessions Jade wallet tutorial Full video guide for Jade Wallet
High onchain fee impact to LN Notes on using the Lightning Network when miner fees are high by Openoms


Link Summary
Bitcoin Optech #146 Draft spec for LN splicing
Bitcoin Design Update #9 Various updates on Bitcoin related design initiatives
Decentralised Storage Proposal 2 layer storage proposal leveraging Bitcoin + LN
The Last Days of Satoshi What happened when Bitcoin’s creator disappeared by Pete Rizzo
There Are Now 2 Taproot Activation Clients The story of the 2 clients and the difference between them by Aaron van Wirdum

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