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Welcome to Bitcoin Monthly, a no frills index of the main news and developments from the last month in Bitcoin.

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January 2022 Edition

Once recorded, the podcast on Bit Buy Bit covering January’s topics will be here.


Link Summary
Bisq v1.8.2 Popup DAO needs to resync deactivated, editable SEPA account name editable, bug fixes
BitBox02 Firmware v9.9.0 Taproot support
Blockstream Green Android v3.7.8 Show recovery phrases as Qr codes, Streamlined wallet navigation, bug fixes
Blockstream Green Desktop v1.0.5 Connect to personal Electrum server
BlueWallet v6.2.17 Show selected coins, delete AOPP
Breez 0.12.ServicePack Podcast player enhancements, Various bug fixes and enhancements
BTCPay Server v1.4.3 Extensive UI/UX cleanup, add LNUrl Auth as 2FA, support for ETH/ERC20 removed, deleted user preferences cookie on logout
Electrs v0.9.4 Dependency updates and minor improvements
Foundation Devices Passport v1.0.8 Auto delete PSBT, add support for Simple Bitcoin wallet + bug fixes
Joininbox v0.6.6 Joinmarket.cfg parsing fixes, install python37 for 32bit arm, allow ssh for importwallet
Ledger Live Desktop v2.38.1 -
LND v0.14.2-beta Bug fixes and enhancements
Mempool.Space v2.3.1 New chart legend design, API documentation and improved Taproot tx support
Muun Android v48.4 -
myNode v0.2.51 Add OpenDime Support and SW updates
nix-bitcoin v0.0.64 Software updates
Phoenix v1.4.20 Payment expiry can be modified and prevent sending more than twice the requested amount
Ride the lightning v0.12.1-beta-Maintenance Maintenance release with minor updates and bug fixes
RoninDojo v1.13.0 SW updates and prep for plug-n-play
Samourai Wallet v0.99.98b Whirlpool stability hotfixes
Simple Bitcoin Wallet v2.4.27 PIN auth + bug fixes
Specter Desktop v1.8.1 Jade multisig support, service integration - Swan, bug fixes
Sphinx Relay v2.2.5 -
Thunderhub v0.13.6 Auto backup options and peer aliases in notifications
Trezor Suite v22.1.1 Early Access Program toggle, AOPP, Russian translation
Umbrel OS v0.4.13 New apps: Kollider, Bitfeed, Suredbits Wallet and LNDg
Whirlpool CLI v0.10.12 tx0 support for bip44 + bip49, tx0 address-reuse protection, bug fixes
Zap Android v0.5.5-beta Allow zero amount invoice payments, Recognize URLs when scanning data and allow to open webpages
Zeus v0.6.0-beta2 LNURL-auth support, NFC support, coin control for on-chain sends and Lightning Addresses support


Link Summary
Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund Fund started by Jack Dorsey et al to support Bitcoin Devs in legal issues


Link Summary
Citadel Dispatch e51 – KYC/noKYC Discussion w/ Zelko, Diverter, Stephan Livera + LaserHodl Tradeoffs and risks of a KYC vs a noKYC stack
BIT BUY BIT 136: At Home Mining w/Lili Tips and tricks to master your home mining setup
BIT BUY BIT 134: Does FOSS Matter w/Zelko FOSS discussion and RoninDojo updates
The Chaincode Podcast - Block Building w/Clara + Murch Discussion on new block building research + proposal
Stehan Livera w/ Jeremy Rubin What is Check Template Verify


Link Summary
What is a BOLT? An insightful daily dose of bitcoin knowledge for the end of the year.
By Vivek Kasarabada
How to use Passport with Sparrow Wallet Incredibly detailed guide on setting up and using Passport with your own node
By Econoalchemist


Link Summary
AOPP Integration Sparks Community Conversation Why Implementing AOPP Could Pose A Risk To Bitcoin Long Term
Bitcoin Optech CTV, DLCs and much more
Electrum Server Performance Analysis Sparrow Wallet dev Craig Raw tests multiple Electrum Server implementations and shares his findings
GRIID + Intel Team Up Deal states that GRIID has exclusivity over 25% of Intel mining ASICs produced
HRF Announces Latest Dev Grants 4.25 BTC shared between 10 people

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